About Ignite

IGNITE Tequila is rooted in four generations of Tequila tradition, with its matriarch having created the Reposado category and renowned for her contribution to Tequila as a whole. This experience in farming agave from the idyllic hills of Jalisco and the artistry that goes into producing our bottles together give our Tequila it’s incredible smoothness.

Ignite Tequila

ignite blanco


IGNITE Blanco (silver) is 100%. Mexican agave premium tequila, completely crystalline and luminous with a medium body and light silver hue.

Raw and cooked agave aromas are easily found blended with a subtle vanilla hint. Some fresh and herbal hints stand out, such as, mint, rosemary, and citrus. Imported from Mexico, these are characteristics obtained from the finest agaves in the lowlands.

ignite reposado


IGNITE Resposado (gold) is a 100% Mexican agave premium tequila, with a luminous golden hue and full body obtained from a 6 month aging process in our premium oak barrels.

Its aroma is reminiscent of cooked and raw agave, an obvious vanilla taste, and some other spices such as clove and cinnamon. Hazelnut, chocolate, and tobacco hints are also found. It has a unique balance which is exquisite to taste.